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The Centre for Applied Education Research (CAER) was created via the Bradford Opportunity Area and is committed to using research to empower schools to provide the best possible education and start in life for their pupils.

CAER is a partnership between the Bradford Institute of Health Research, the Universities of Bradford and Leeds, the Department for Education, the Local Authority, the Bradford Research School and the Educational Endowment Foundation. CAER is also at the heart of two exciting projects: the healthy learning strand of ActEarly and the healthy schools strand of ARC.

To find out more about the steering group driving CAER’s innovative research, click here.

What we do


At CAER, we are currently focusing a number of key research areas.

You can find out about more about these HERE.


This network will ensure that Bradford schools can benefit from the tools developed.

Find out about what we do HERE.


Working with schools is crucial to CAER. This group will ensure we reach as many schools in Bradford as possible.

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Linking routine electronic data gives us an incredibly powerful tool for research.

Find out more about our data linkage work HERE.

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