The Better Start Bradford Innovation Hub is a Partnership between Better Start Bradford and Born in Bradford. The Innovation Hub unites leading academics from the Universities of York, Bradford, Leeds and Leeds Beckett to establish a new birth cohort and provide a centre for evaluation of the effectiveness of the Better Start Bradford projects.

A key part of the innovation hub is Born in Bradford’s Better Start (BiBBS), an experimental birth cohort designed to evaluate the impact of the Better Start Bradford projects. BiBBS will recruit 5000 families and follows the health and wellbeing of parents and their using data collected routinely by health, education and Better Start Bradford services.

Specific Projects

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Research outputs

Dickerson, J., Bird, P. K., McEachan, R. R., Pickett, K. E., Waiblinger, D., Uphoff, E., … & Sahota, P. (2016). Born in Bradford’s Better Start: an experimental birth cohort study to evaluate the impact of early life interventions. BMC Public Health16(1), 711.

Dickerson, J., Bird, P. K., Bryant, M., Dharni, N., Bridges, S., Willan, K., … & Bywater, T. (2019). Integrating research and system-wide practice in public health: lessons learnt from Better Start Bradford. BMC Public Health19(1), 260.

Meet the team

Dr Josie Dickerson

Action Project Leader and Programme Manager